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Electric Man 4 is an action fighting game which is loved by many people all over the world. When you start the game you are greeted with an awesome menu and outstanding action music, the game allows you to customize your stick-man character with a name, energy color, and a game difficulty. After starting the game first thing you do is learn his fighting and dodging moves. Electric Man 4 game has three sets of normal attacks including fast multiple punching, kicking and grabbing moves accessed when pressing ( A, S, D ) respectively, stick-man also has three super moves which are stronger than normal ones with a wider range too, that allows stick-man to hit multiple enemies at once but they consume his energy which is measured and shown as the battery symbol right next to his health bar.

Other than punching and super kicking enemies, he can run to the right and left of the screen using right and left arrows, he can flip and do a dodge-hit move at enemies if the distance was perfect, if not he only dodges. The game gets harder every time you pass to the next level, every level has a slightly different looking stick-man, that’s the boss, his hits are harder and he has more health than other enemies. Mainly the game has different rounds and you complete rounds by clearing every level of different enemies. After you stand alone in each and every level and clear all rounds, you win the game Electric Man 4, have fun.

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